Approaching the unknown

Feature length fiction film, written and directed by Mark Elijah Rosenberg. Released theatrically by Paramount Pictures, 2016; now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Starring Mark Strong, Luke Wilson, Sanaa Lathan, Anders Danielsen Lie, Charles Baker.

Supported by the Sundance Institute, Creative Capital, Cinereach, The San Francisco Film Society, the Jerome Foundation, and the recipient of the NHK Screenwriting Award. 

Approaching the Unknown (formerly Ad Inexplorata) is a philosophical sci-fi film about a man exploring the limits of human experience to appreciate that the mysteries of the universe will always be ineffable.



Six-hour TV mini-series about the affects of technology on the future of humanity. 

Mark Elijah Rosenberg - Director, Co-Executive Producer, Story.

Aired on National Geographic in 2017 and was nominated for two Emmy Awards. It is now available on Amazon and YouTube.


No Message Recieved

A little robot born on Mars. The introverted scientist who created it. A meta-fictional "found footage" re-telling of NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission as a story of outcast people and forgotten technology, about wondrous things struggling for attention in busy worlds. 

The film is comprised of one long take and actual material from the surface of Mars. All effects were created analogue. 

This short is part of the omnibus feature ORBIT(FILM), produced by Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Rooftop Films) and Mike Plante (Cinemad), a collaborative project in which different artists used a mix of NASA footage and new material to tell stories about our solar system. | |

Directed - Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Produced - Danielle DiGiacomo
Photographed - Kitao Sakurai
Starring - Alan Benditt & Stephanie Skaff
Special thanks - Eastern Effects (
& Brower Propulsion Laboratories (

Rooftop Films and Cinemad present a collaborative, feature-length omnibus movie about our solar system where every planet is represented by a short film. Each film is made by a different acclaimed filmmaker/artist, who deals with the science of outer space through creative and emotional storytelling and visual poetry. Some or all of the original source material will come from NASA footage, reinterpreted by each filmmaker to make a portrait of the respective planet. Filmmakers include: Brent Hoff, Ben Coonley, Jessica Oreck, Mike Plante, Brian Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky, Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Kelly Sears, Bill Brown, Travis Wilkerson, Deborah Stratman, Brent Green and more. Teaser by Mark Elijah Rosenberg Teaser music by Parts & Labor (

early documentary work

Three short documentaries, directed shot edited and produced by Mark Elijah Rosenberg. Made for the IMNY TV show, short films about NYC youth, 2002-2003.